I've been making jewelry for well over 25 years now, and you could say that my style and technique have definitely matured. It's a very exciting time because I really know the motifs I want to explore, and am very capable of constructing jewelry to express them.
My favorite jewelry creations are the ones that express mystery and imagination, a lyrical, romantic dance through life.

The Glyphs Series started with one piece that had a triangle, a squiggle and a rune from Tolkien's Middle Earth, but mostly glyphs have been universal symbols, full of different meanings in different places- a kind of Atlantean alphabet. Lately I've begun to use specific symbols in my Four Elements Jewelry (Earth, Air, Fire, Water.)

The various Shaman Figures I make were inspired by a North African tribal ornament, although very different and always evolving. Their moonstone faces are always round representing Grandmother Moon.
Crows and Ravens are transformative spirits, tricksters, if you will, and their use, both in my printmaking, and in jewelry is constant. The same thing applies to Trees which I also love to portray. Lately these have collided with the Shaman motif and a shrine house to become the Shaman Spirit House Series.

I've started to work also in an artistic style known as Steampunk. Think Jules Verne having lunch with H.G. Wells and Stephen Hawking on a steam powered spaceship.

So, I ramble, I digress and diverge, making a patchwork quilt of jewelry, 2D Art and poetry to express the ideas that inspire me. I hope you enjoy my work, and that it has meaning to you. It was important to me to create it.

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