What the heck is it with michael and these old trucks, anyway???

Why am I so fixated on this image?

I like the gritty, nostalgic, romantic look of an old abandoned truck in a field somewhere, but it's more than that. Even though I live in a house in the woods about an hour outside Seattle, I still yearn a bit for small town life, the chance to work on my art in relative solitude, and maybe come into town every couple of days to pick up the mail and get a cup of coffee at the diner. Did you ever see the movie "Castaway" with Tom Hanks? At the beginning and at the end there is the artist, in a rural farmhouse, who does sculpture in the barn, who he delivers the mysterious package to. She is shown in the last scenes driving an old truck like the one I depict. I guess that's my fantasy. But don't get me wrong, I'm in a good spot, I make jewelry for a living, and other art as a break, and I've got a nice studio.

But there's another story here, too. I had the print "Broken Dreams" on my website and in corresponding with my favorite author (also a musician), he happened to see it. He emailed me the lyrics to a song he had written about an old blue truck. It was a very touching, well written song, and I emailed to say that, hey, if you ever need artwork for a CD, then feel free to use it. What should arrive two weeks later but a one of a kind CD, with my print on the cover, and a live recording of the song.( I won't drop names here) So that's why the truck is so often blue.

And maybe I just haven't got the image I first had in mind out there yet. What the heck, Rodrigue has made a whole career out of a small, dead blue dog :^)

Oh, and I'm also doing the moon, crows and ravens, trees, animals, standing stones, artists, and a bunch of other motifs.





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